Casino Bonus

Joining top online casino comes with many advantages such as comfort and privacy, but also with the advantages of all the casino bonuses and promotions offered by different brands.

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What are Casino Bonuses?

A casino bonus is basically money that the casino gives to players as a way of promotion, gratitude, and re-enforcement of their relationship with them; but are bonuses as good as they say they are or is there a catch to it? -Should you take them? – And if yes, are they always good for you?

In order for you to understand completely all there is to know about taking bonuses, we will explain from A to Z all about them.

Casino Bonus Requirements

In most cases, bonuses will come with certain rules and obligations that you have to meet in order to win money and cash-out winnings. This is not necessarily a bad thing as bonuses could be very beneficial if you know the games that you will be playing on, and if you know what you would like to achieve at your games (*see further down “Benefits of Bonuses).

The first term you need to know about bonuses requirements is The Wagering Requirement – Wagering a bonus means that in order to cash-out you have to play for a minimum number of times without losing the active balance or playable balance that you have for the games; for instance, you have $60 to play with a wagering requirement of 20 times your balance, and in order to cash-out winnings you have to play $60, 20 times. Once you have wagered the required amount, whatever amount is left in your active balance becomes real money that you can cash-out.

*Please note that wagering requirements differ from casino to casino and bonus to bonus, so in order to know how much you need to wager to cash-out you will need to verify with your casino’s support team.

The second term to know about bonus requirements is Max-Cash-Out. This means as the name suggest, that there is a maximum that you can cash out with a certain bonus. For instance, a free-bonus may allow you to win not more than a fixed amount, and therefore even if you surpass that amount on winnings, you will not be able to cash-out more than the maximum that the bonus offers.

The third and final requirement is Game Restriction – ‘Bonuses for Tables’, ‘Bonuses for Slots’; ‘Bonuses for Roulette’, etc.- Usually when taking a bonus, this one will be good to play only a certain type of games; this means that if you took a bonus for Slots, you will not be able to play Roulette, or other games with it.

*Please note that sometimes certain bonuses are open for more than one type of game. You should consult your casino’s support team regarding which games you are allowed to play with a specific bonus.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

In order to understand if you are a player of bonuses or not we first need to understand the type of bonuses that exist and their differences.

Casino bonuses can be breaking down into two major classes: Non-Deposit Bonuses & Deposit Bonuses.

Pros & Cons of Bonuses

Now that we know what type of bonuses there are and what are their requirements, we will analyze their advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, it is important to mention that the advantages or disadvantages of each bonus will depend pretty much on which kind of player you are and what kind of strategy works better for you.

  1. Non-Deposit Bonuses Disadvantages- They are usually limited to only one kind of games, they have a higher wagering requirement, and also a max cash-out which means that there is only so much of what you can take home on a winning day, but at least remember that they didn’t cost you a cent either.
  2. Non-Deposit Bonuses Advantages – They are free; they do not require a deposit and you could perfectly win money out of nothing and in most cases it will not cost you a dime to cash-out winnings either – Bottom line, you could end your day with some free money, and the way I see it, free money to the pocket is always good.
  3. Deposit Bonuses Disadvantages- They are usually limited to one type of game only and they have a wagering requirement to meet before being able to cash out winnings.
  4. Deposit Bonuses Advantages- They provide you with more game play which increases significantly your chances of winning big, especially in the slot machines; the wagering requirement is usually much smaller than in non-deposit bonuses which allows you to wager the bonus much faster, and lastly they rarely have a max cash-out which means that whatever you win, you can take home, and this is especially important when major jackpots are at stake.

Are Casino Bonuses Good for You?

To answer this question you will have to analyze your games and strategy; if you play slots, a bonus will give you more play, you will spin more and therefore you will increase your chances to hit the jackpot by simple statistics. Yes sure you will have to wager the bonus amount in most times, but if you do hit the jackpot, wagering the amount of the bonus can be done easily and most probably you will end up with a sweet balance ready to be transformed to pure cash.

What happens if you play tables or roulette? – Well, in this case, you will want to analyze again how much your average betting hand is and what are your winning parameters. A bonus will always give you more play, although in a cards game or roulette there is no jackpot waiting at a certain number of hand.

Remember that playing with no bonuses on top will let you play only with your own deposited money and cash-out whenever you like, as well as you will be limit free and you could try several different types of games, but from experience I can say that playing without bonuses will leave a small balance to play and most likely it will run out quickly, unless you make a large deposit that will allow you to extend your play time and your chances.

The bottom line is that I would strongly recommend playing with bonuses if you are a slots player.

If you are a tables or roulette player I would suggest to analyze and try playing with bonuses to be able to make larger bets.

Finally, if you do not want to stay attached to restrictions of any kind, you can always stay with your own deposit but the playable balance will remain small and you may lose your money very fast.