Roulette Online

Roulette has been a favorite online casino game in the world of gambling. This game was found in casinos of Paris in 18th century. Roulette is very simple game, it is so easy to learn and play, just because of this it has a big house edge. This game provides fun and entertainment, and also paid great odds on wonderful winning.

Today this game is accumulating worldwide popularity as an attractive online casino game with highest quality improved software due to is good quality software; this game became more excited as a live casino.

The simple rules, winning odds, special spirit on Roulette tables and various myths & stories about great fortunes are the biggest reasons, which make Roulette’s high profile and royal game. Without a doubt, this game is most conspicuous casino game.

You can play online Roulette games anytime – anywhere, you just need an Internet connection. You can place wager and can also win real cash in this online game. European Roulette and American Roulette are 2 most popular variations of online Roulette.

So if you have decided to play online Roulette game, just select one of the best casino sites from our recommended list of online casinos.

Online Roulette: All types

American Roulette

Online American Roulette is most popular variation of Roulette games; it’s all time favorite game in casinos. To play this game you can experience the thrills and emotions of casinos, in the comfort of your own home. American Roulette is the game of probability and luck; it exists of a marked table with numbers in no follow order and a ball on a spinning wheel. The main object of this game is to guess that the white roulette ball will land in which number, color or group of numbers. It’s a game of fun and action.

This game is played on a 38 slots wheel. Pockets of wheel are in three colors numbers 1 to 36 alternate in red and black pockets and numbers 0 and 00 are in green pockets. The second 00 make this game different to the European Roulette game. Players have chance to place a large number of wager and they can place more wager at a time.

The house edge of online American Roulette is little high (5.26%), but it provides enormous payouts for those players who make excellent choice with correct decision.

This table is set the same as European Roulette, except the American Roulette contains a 0 and 00 slots, where European Roulette has only a 0 slot. Well this provide extra wager option to American Roulette gamers, it’s also increase the house edge.

How to play American Roulette

Like all the other Roulette games this version also begins with the betting round. The minimum and maximum bets differ depending on the online casino the player is playing at. The minimum amount is around $1 and the maximum goes up to $250 on each spin.

When the players have placed their bets, a ball will be sent spinning on the Roulette wheel in the opposite direction of the wheel. Bets cannot be placed after the spinning begins.

After the ball stops’ spinning it falls on a slot on the wheel and if the player has placed his bet on that number or the color of the slot then he wins the game. The eligibility for a payout depends on the type of bet that is placed by the player.

Like the European and French Roulette games the American version does not have any rules associated with the game. It is a simple “bet and win” game. There is no specific beginning or ending of the game. The player can play as many times as he wants.

European Roulette

The European version of online Roulette is a very popular online game amongst the online gamblers. The idea behind the game is to guess the number on the Roulette wheel where the ball will fall after the spinning stops. The bets should be placed on the table on any number which the player thinks will be the winning number. After placing the bets the ball is dropped on the spinning wheel from the opposite direction. If the ball stops on the player’s desired number then he is entitled to a payout on the bet. The type of bet placed affects the payout form.

The possibility of making a huge winning sum out of just a little amount of money is huge. The player can begin his game by placing a little amount and he might end up with more money than he imagined. This is also one of the reasons why people from every type of background love to play this game. The luck is one big factor behind the winning of the game of European Roulette.

Like a normal Roulette game this version also consists of selecting the number or color that the ball will land on. The Roulette table has 37 slots on it representing each of the slots on the Roulette Wheel. The bets can be placed on any slot including the one for 0. The player can also make group bets. The red numbers are from 1-18 and the black numbers are 19-36. The player can choose any columns to place a bet on. The player can really win big if he guesses the correct number. The house edge for European Roulette is around 2.7%.

How to play European Roulette

The first thing a player does in the game of European Roulette is placing bets and the player can place multiple bets too. Following is a table that shows the type of bets that can be placed and the kind of payouts they offer.

The amount of payout is inversely proportional to the numbers on which the bets are placed, that is the more the wagered numbers the lower the payout. Whereas if the player places a bet on a single number then the payout on winning would be 35 times the initial bet.

After the players have placed their single or multiple bets the white ball is rolled on the spinning wheel. The wheel and the white ball spin in the opposite directions. Then after spinning for some time the ball will stop in a pocket of the wheel and depending on the number the eligibility of the player for a payout is decided and declared.

The en prison is a rule that is played in the game. This rule comes into action when the player has placed a bet (single or group) for even money such as red, black, odd, even etc. If the ball lands on the slot for 0 then the player is entitled to a half the bet amount. When the number is 0 then the player can also be offered imprisonment in which the player will face the risk of losing the bet for a second time. But if the player wins then he will be released and will get the entire bet money but without any extra winnings.

The game of European Roulette is really easy to play. There is no specific beginning or ending to the game. A player can play any number of games from one to hundred.

French Roulette

Imagine how a tiny little ball can change your life around. To know how you must play the French Roulette and you will know the magic of that small ball. This is the most popular online casino game. You can place your bets on this wonderful game from your preferred comfort zone. This classic game comes with a French twist and a huge red roulette wheel.

The game of French Roulette has some similarities to the American Roulette and European Roulette. Here too the player places his bets on the numbers on the roulette wheel and then the croupier spins the wheel. There are a few similarities that make this game unique and superior than its counterparts.

Everybody can play the game of French Roulette from anywhere on the internet as it is available everywhere. The only thing that a player needs is an internet connection with a good computer system. Then the player can simply register with any online casino that offers the game of French Roulette. The game has many attractive features like single-zero roulette wheels, La Partage rule, interesting call bets and many more.

The rules of the game are quite simple and similar to any other Roulette game. The player first places his bet on any number, color or a group of numbers to win and then waits for the roulette wheel spin. The wheel has 37 numbers on it like the wheel used in the European Roulette. The numbers are printed alternately on the wheel on red and black color background. The number 0 however is printed on a green color background. The player must be familiar with the French expressions used in the game to master it.

La Partage Rule is a unique feature of the French roulette and according to this rule if the player has made an even bet and on spinning the ball falls on 0 then the player will only lose half the bet money. This rule is quite advantageous to the gamblers.

The French version provides the player with many betting options. This makes the game quite exciting. Betting limits and other rules and regulations depend entirely on the casino the player chooses to play at. So choose wisely and enjoy the game of French Roulette.